Recycled Materials

Topas Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Recognized for Recyclability with PE Film

Polyplastics’ COC has earned broader recognition from the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR)


Halogen-Free Flame Retardant for Crosslinked & Non-Crosslinked PE Foams

Tosaf’s FR9185PE masterbatch reportedly helps prevent the spread and acceleration of fire even at low concentrations.

Commodity Resins

Heartland Polymers Begins Integrated Production at PDH/PP Complex

The new PDH plant is now providing on-site feedstock for Norh America’s only integrated, single-site commercial PP production.  

Commodity Resins

NOVA Chemicals Sets Bold ESG Aspirations

Included are 30% of PE sales to come from recycled content by 2030 and expansion of its Advanced Sclairtech product portfolio.  

Commodity Resins

Cellulose Fiber Reinforced PP Targets Automotive

The material is seen as a suitable candidate for use in door module carriers, center consoles, and armrest cores.  

Recycled Materials

Mechanically Recycled Food-Contact HDPE

Nova’s Syndigo rPE-0860-FC is the first resin in its Syndigo portfolio of recycled PE resins launched in early 2023.

Recycled Materials

Food Contact Film Will Incorporate Postconsumer Recyclate

Charter Next Generation announced it will use Revolution’s Encore PCR-LLDPE in Film Packaging Products

Commodity Resins

First Quarter Looks Mostly Flat for Resin Prices

Temporary upward blips don't indicate any sustained movement in the near term.

Commodity Resins

Glass-Filled, Halogen-Free FR PP for E&E, Automotive and More

Teknor’s Crealen offers excellent flammability ratings and superior glow wire ignition performance while maintaining properties after exposure to moisture and acid.

Recycled Materials

Portfolio of Recycled PE Resins Offered Under New Business

Nova’s new Syndigo brand of rPE is part of its newly established business, Nova Circular Solutions.

Multi-Screw Compounding

Improving Twin-Screw Compounding of Reinforced Polyolefins

Compounders face a number of processing challenges when incorporating a high loading of low-bulk-density mineral filler into polyolefins. Here are some possible solutions.

Austrian Mechanical Recycler Gets ISCC Plus Certification

Ecoplast is first mechanical recycler of polyolefins to be certified in Austria.

Recycled Materials

Chemical Recycling Process for Crosslinked PE

Borealis announces capability to produce recycled PE for use in wire & cable, infrastructure industries.

Recycled Materials

PureCycle to Build Recycling Plant in Belgium

Company plans international expansion of PP recycling operations.


Colorants for E&E in PE, EVA, PBT, and Universal Carriers

Ampacet’s new ElTech masterbatches formulated to meet stringent E&E market requirements.


In Sustainable Packaging, the Word is ‘Monomaterial’

In both flexible and rigid packaging, the trend is to replace multimaterial laminates, coextrusions and “composites” with single-material structures, usually based on PE or PP. Nonpackaging applications are following suit.

Commodity Resins

Cross-Linkable Formulations for Photovoltaic Cables

Avient’s Eccoh XL 8148 PE-based formulations support the rising need for solar power generation.

Additive Manufacturing

Large-Format “Cold” 3D Printing With Polypropylene and Polyethylene

Israeli startup Largix has developed a production solution that can 3D print PP and PE without melting them. Its first test? Custom tanks for chemical storage.

Commodity Resins

ExxonMobil Doubles PP Production in Baton Rouge

The new PP unit is now up and running.

Recycled Materials

Large Underwater Pelletizer Debuts

MAAG Group presented a larger Pearlo underwater pelletizer.


Association of Plastics Recyclers Recognizes Cavitated PE Technology

Void Technologies’ VO+ PE Masterbatch Technology Achieves Critical Guidance Recognition


New Entrant Heartland Polymers Stepping up as Reliable Supplier

Heartland Polymers’ new Alberta, Canada facility will produce 525 KTA propylene and 525 KTA polypropylene. It is expected to stabilize supply chains across the continent.


Waste Plastics Must D-I-E

New research publications describe dehydrogenation, isomerization, ethenolysis as a pathway for polyethylene recycling.


Sorting Mixed Plastics by Color and Type

Steinert will demonstrate plastic sorting technology at K 2022.

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