Injection Molding

新幸运飞行艇官方开奖查询-历史开奖记录168 Injection Molder Bases Company Culture on Employee Empowerment

After more than two decades in the industry, Rodney Davenport was given the opportunity to create an injection molding operation in his own vision, and — in keeping with the product he was making — to do so from the ground up.

Recycling Program Announced for Nylon 3D Printed Parts

Sculpteo, part of the BASF company, announced a program to establish a circular material stream with its recycling program for 3D printed products.


幸运飞行艇官网开奖查询、查询开奖记录168+历史开奖记录 New Technology Enables ‘Smart Drying’ Based on Resin Moisture

The ‘DryerGenie’ marries drying technology and input moisture measurement with a goal to putting an end to drying based on time.


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Resin Moisture & Drying

This Knowledge Center provides an overview of resin moisture and the drying process, including information on the best drying practices for your manufacturing facility.

幸运飞行艇官方开奖直播、现场开奖直播视频 Blending & Dosing

Deep dive into the basics of blending versus dosing, controls, maintenance, process integration and more.

Process Cooling

This Knowledge Center provides an overview of the considerations needed to understand the purchase, operation, and maintenance of a process cooling system.

Size Reduction

Learn about sustainable scrap reprocessing—this resource offers a deep dive into everything from granulator types and options, to service tips, videos and technical articles.


Halogen-Free Flame Retardant for Crosslinked & Non-Crosslinked PE Foams

Tosaf’s FR9185PE masterbatch reportedly helps prevent the spread and acceleration of fire even at low concentrations.


Home-Compostable Extrusion Coating for Paper-Based Food Packaging

BASF has added a certified home as well as industrial compostable grade to its Ecovio portfolio for cold and hot food packaging.  

Injection Molding

Jabil Names New CEO

Kenny Wilson will assume leadership of the global contract manufacturer, replacing Mark Mondello who will remain with the company as executive chairman of the board.



Plastics Processing Contracted Again in March

Processing activity contracted for the ninth straight month, and at a faster rate. 


PP Prices May Plunge, Others Are Mostly Flat

PP prices appear on the verge a major downward trajectory, with some potential of a modest downward path for others.
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Kraiburg TPE Expands Range of TPEs with ISCC PLUS Certification

The expanded range supports customers in the consumer and medical sectors in next steps toward a circular economy.


TotalEnergies Corbion Offers PLA with Recycled Content

The company now has grades with up to 30% PIR and PCR content and has set up a number of closed-loop systems

Engineering Resins

Joint Project Will Demonstrate Recycling Polyamide 66 Using Microwave Technology

Materials producer Asahi Kasei and recycling technology developer Microwave Chemical announced a joint chemical recycling project.



The Effects of Time on Polymers

Last month we briefly discussed the influence of temperature on the mechanical properties of polymers and reviewed some of the structural considerations that govern these effects.
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Materials Know How

The Effects of Stress on Polymers

Previously we have discussed the effects of temperature and time on the long-term behavior of polymers. Now let's take a look at stress.
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Injection Molding

How Backpressure Optimization Affects Melt Preparation

Backpressure is often the least understood of the settings in an injection molding process, even though it can play a significant role in the final quality of the part. Let’s start with understanding what backpressure is and then learn how to optimize it for a given mold.

Latest Reshoring Numbers Could Bode Well for Processors

Jobs resulting from reshoring and foreign direct investment set record highs in 2022 after doing the same in 2021.  


Transesterification Inhibitor for PET and Polyester Alloys

CAI’s new additive masterbatch boost thermal stability of polyester compounds.  

Sheet Extrusion

Macro Names Anzini Tech Sales Manages for Southeast

Has worked in technical roles for leading processing companies in his career of 40+ years.  

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Additive Manufacturing

Medical Manufacturer Innovates with Additive Manufacturing and Extrusion Technology Hubs

Spectrum Plastics Group offers customers two technology hubs — one for extrusion, the other for additive manufacturing — to help bring ground-breaking products to market faster.
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Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Online X-Ray Inspection Boosts Extrusion Quality

Höhle uses Sikora’s x-ray measuring systems for inline quality control of extruded microducts.
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Thermoformer Maximizes Productivity with 3D Printing

Productive Plastics has created an extensive collection of 3D printed manufacturing aids that sharply reduce lead times.
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