Macro Names Anzini Tech Sales Manages for Southeast

Has worked in technical roles for leading processing companies in his career of 40+ years.  


The Power of Self-Emptying Technology for Extrusion Lines

Advanced purging compounds can save you time, frustration, and cost.

OMV Technologies Gets New CEO

Kooper brings 33 years of experience in the industrial and consumer packaging industries to OMV--the closed-loop, turnkey, inline extrusion, thermoforming and tooling systems manufacturer.

Davis-Standard to be Systems Integrator for Novel EDI Flat Die

Die uses motorized lip-adjustment, said to be three to five times faster than heated-bolt adjustments.

Non-Contact Control of Flat Dies, Adapters

More automation comes to flat die technology.  

Die-Service Cart Upgraded to Handle Screws, Chill Rolls

Processing Technologies International LLC has released its next-generation flat die servicing system, the uCAMS (Universal Cleaning Assembly and Maintenance System) Plus.

Die-Lip Adjustment System Relies on Motorized Actuators

Nordson will debut an automated lip adjustment system for its EDI extrusion and fluid-coating dies at the K 2022 trade fair.

Green’s the Theme in Extrusion/Compounding

The drive toward circular economy is requiring processors to make more use of PCR. Machine builders at K—across all extrusion processes—will be highlighting innovations to help them do just that.

Roll Stand is Compact, Flexible

Features a unique, compact design for sheet processors with very limited production floor space.  

Roll Stand Offers More Automation, Process Control

Processors benefit from technical and bottom line advantages of the roll stand’s inverted-down, multi-roll design.  

Minimize Sheet Gauge Variation by Roll Design

‘Hour-glass’ sheet gauge can be avoided through a reverse-bending roll design that is out of patent and freely available.

System Allows Fast, Efficient Die Cleaning

Processing Technologies International LLC (PTi) has developed a die splitting cart called uCAMS (Universal Cleaning Assembly and Maintenance System). The system was designed with the goals of flexibility, ease, and operator safety in regards to maintenance and upkeep of an extrusion die.

Understanding Roll Deflection in Sheet Processing

Because of roll deflection, sheet stacks made for PS don’t work nearly as well with PP. One solution is to try a top roll that bends in the opposite direction.

PTi Mourns Death of Processing Engineer Torres

Torres was a processing engineer technical specialist with PTi for 20 years.  

Compact Coextruders for Sheet

Extruder series featuresa compact design, wide processing window and high throughputs with gentle melt treatment.

How to Select the Right Cooling Stack for Sheet

First, remember there is no universal cooling-roll stack. And be sure to take into account the specific heat of the polymer you are processing.  

Sheet Lines Feature 'No Dry' Capabilities

Vented extruder design degasses material to make pre-drying unnecessary.

Breaking Barriers: Sheet Processor Makes Move on High-End Packaging Market

Impact Plastics sets up new brand with game-changing disruptive technology that combines a novel PP with customized equipment that looks to upend the business of extruded sheet for barrier food packaging.
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Plaskolite Introduces Antimicrobial Safety Shields

Ccrylic and PC sheet is formulated with laboratory-tested silver ion antimicrobial technology.

Extrusion: Revamped High-Speed Line Packs More Processing Power, Flexibility

New extruder from PTi has a maximum capacity 3600 lb/hr, a 33-38% increase in throughput over its previous high-speed design.

Sheet Processor Adds Capacity in Coronavirus Fight

Laminex is venturing into APET for first time to make PPE in Mexico, after purchasing one of PTi’s demo production lines. The turnkey system will ultimately be used by Laminex for its packaging products.

Extrusion: Flex-Lip Die Cuts Resin Use on Capstock Layers

Flexible hinge on multi-manifold EDI Ultraflex Die from Nordson reportedly delivers uniform weatherable layer for PVC siding, saving more than $55,000/yr in capstock cost alone.

Plastics Industry Enlists to Fight Coronavirus

All types of processors and machinery and materials suppliers and service providers are refocusing resources to combat COVID-19.