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May 11

May 16

May 17

  • Utilizing Simulation for Aggressive Quoting

    In this presentation, SIGMASOFT® will evaluate how simulation software can be utilized—not just for issues on current parts or molds, but also up front to quote more accurately and aggressively.


June 15


All webinars are recorded and available on demand.

Smart Programming Features for Injection Molding Robots: Robots Working for You

Learn how today’s smart features on robots can help you put robots into production more quickly, safely and energy efficiently.

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Exploring Transmission Haze

Unlike reflection haze, transmission haze occurs when light passes through a transparent material and creates an unfocused or blurry appearance of the objects behind it.

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Your Dryer Genie Pre-Drying Moisture Analyzer Questions Answered

Get the answers to the most often asked questions about the moisture analysis of plastic resins and learn how the Dryer Genie provides initial and ongoing resin moisture content and continually communicates that information to the dryer control.

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Take the Guesswork out of Production: Improve Shop-Floor Visibility with an MES Solution

In a recent poll, 70% of people said that visibility to the shop floor is the number one thing they would want to gain by investing in an MES solution.

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Fundamentals and Guidelines for Servo-Controlled Mold Functions

Do you want a deeper understanding of servo-controlled mold functions?

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Cost-Cutting Strategies to Make Your Molding Operation More Profitable

As business conditions soften, processors need to focus more on controlling costs to hold the bottom line.

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2023: The Year Machines Will Take Over Molding

The presentation will cover a variety of iQ software modules that support the operator in achieving a more repeatable process, resulting in better part quality and reduced wear and tear on the entire molding cell.

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How to Implement an Easy-to-Follow Purge Program and Stop Wasting Money

Asaclean will teach you ways to solve six common processing issues and will walk you through what to expect when you decide to implement a purge program.

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Redefine Resin Drying with Automatic Resin Input Moisture Integration

Dryer manufacturers and processors have ignored the elephant in the room—the vast differences in starting resin moisture for the drying process—and have instead focused on making better dryers.

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How Material Traceability Can Make Your Process More Efficient

Processors can now trace raw materials from resin sources such as: rail cars; silos; supersacks and day bins; to the extrusion/compounding process.

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The Top 20 Auxiliary Equipment Options and How to Use Them

View the top 20 auxiliary equipment options you should be using in your facility to improve your process.

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Moldmaking Simplified: How Westminster Tool Applied Metal 3D Printing to Boost Efficiencies

Learn about the metal 3D printing landscape and how it has attempted to solve the challenges of injection mold tooling—and where it has fallen short.

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Best Practices to Control Your Ultrasonic Welding Process

Get consistent part geometry, reliable weld quality and reduce your scrap rate by effectively controlling your ultrasonic welding process.

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How to Determine Screw Geometries for Counter-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders

The screw design concepts for counter-rotating twin-screw extruders will be discussed and the mechanism for counter-rotating twin screw extruders will be explained.

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A Sustainable Step in Molding: How to Leverage Recycled Plastics

How can manufacturers integrate recycled plastics into their process in a practical and systemic way?

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Close the Loop from Simulation to Production

How can you transfer your simulation program data to the actual injection molding machine?

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Connected Insight: A Digital Tool that Increases Uptime and Reduces Costs in Plastics Processing

ACS Group will discuss how MiVue, a manufacturing insight service, can be used as a better tool to solve many problems in plastics processing.

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Three Reasons Your TCU Leaks and How to Extend Its Life

Learn about ways to prolong the life of your existing temperature-control units (TCUs) and get them running optimally again.

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Chemical Resistance and Its Role in Resin Selection

This webinar will help explain chemical resistance and the information needed to properly specify the right plastic materials.

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How Turning Challenges Into Opportunities Can Transform Your Beverage Packaging Operation

Learn ways to increase productivity and uptime while saving on production costs.

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Configuring Corotating Twin-Screw Extruder Compounding Trials

The modular feeder setup, CO-TSE process section and downstream equipment each impart a great degree of flexibility that will make or break your compounding task.

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Improving Hot Runner Performance

Learn about hot runner mold maintenance, cable maintenance and the impact of screws, check valves and heated machine nozzles, and hot runner temperature control.

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How to Go Beyond Simple Machine-Based Energy Reduction

This webinar will show how energy efficiency is affected in an injection molding machine and especially in an entire mold cell or facility.

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Demonstrate Your Recycled Plastic's Quality and Safety for Electrical and Electronics Applications

Learn how recycled plastics are evaluated for their safety, quality and performance properties, helping to ensure ongoing compliance for use in end-use product applications.

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What are You Risking with Outdated Controls?

Many plastic extrusion lines still operate with designs that are over 50 years old. Join this webinar to discuss the problems this presents to an organization and the accepted risk in operating in the past.

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How to Counter Horrific Lead Times and Rising Costs in Compounding

How can plastics industry compounders continue to compete and stay profitable?

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Practical Solutions for Resource-Efficient Production in Injection Molding

Learn about solutions that will increase resource efficiency and energy-saving production in combination with your highest productivity and product quality.

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Reimagine Efficiency by Turning Cooling Time into Production Time

Cooling time is the longest step of the molding process; how can you make it more productive?

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Advancements in the Ease of Robot Programming for Injection Molding Machines

Learn how simple programming injection molding robots can be and how using robots designed for injection molding can ensure ease of use and faster production times.

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Innovative QC Systems: In-Line Continuous Color Management in Plastics Manufacturing

Learn how you can monitor production runs, comparing to the target color in real-time.

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Technological Breakthroughs in Medical Part Injection Molding

Learn how to solve for constraints and eliminate barriers in part design.

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Equipment Controls Do Matter: User Experience for Simple Onboarding

The user experience of the human-machine interface (HMI) control on your equipment does matter. Equipment that is easier to use makes onboarding new employees quick and simple.

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Sustainable, Efficient, Reliable: Real-Life Medical and Packaging Examples

Learn more about the challenges associated with injection molding parts and the solutions that have been developed to overcome them.

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Using Machine Vision to Enable Smart Converting

This webinar will present a robust technical overview of vision inspection, including what vision systems are, what they are typically used for and common defects they might encounter in both surface and print applications.

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Automotive TPEs with EPDM Adhesion: New Developments

Learn how to solve the challenges of surface defects, adhesion capabilities and tighter processing windows faced by automotive injection molders by employing the latest EPDM (thermoset rubber) bonding and higher flow materials.

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Discussing Conveying, Storage and Feeding Issues with Post-Consumer Reclaim

The challenge presented by the need to reduce, reuse and recycle bulk materials can be overwhelming for all users - regardless of experience in material handling.

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