Transesterification Inhibitor for PET and Polyester Alloys

CAI’s new additive masterbatch boost thermal stability of polyester compounds.  


CAI's new transesterification inhibitor for PET compounds and polyester alloys
Photo Credit: CAI Performance Additives

A new transesterification inhibitor additive masterbatch is said to significantly boost the thermal stability of PET and various other polyester compounds, eliminating issues such as discoloration, brittleness, or foaming.

Available from CAI Performance Additives, the sole distributor of high-performance additives produced by China’s Starbetter Chemical Materials, Transesterification Functional Masterbatch ST-T78MB has been shown to be an effective catalyst deactivator for polyester polymerization of PET and a range of polyester alloys such as PC/PBT, PC/PET, PBT/PET, PC/PCTG, and PC/PETG. Transesterification is a chemical reaction that occurs between and ester and an alcohol resulting the formation of a new ester and alcohol molecule. In the case of PET-based compounds, this can occur during processing, which lead to a reduction in the quality and mechanical properties of the material.